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  Primary School Con't
Newton Ground Primary School
Newton Ground Village 465-5667  

The school opened its doors on Wednesday January 14th 1959 under the leadership of Mr. Stanley Armory, with a staff of 7 teachers and approximately 90 students.
Head Teacher/Principals
Mr. Stanley Armory
Mrs. Franzine Caesar
Mrs. Violet Jones-Mawnlawde

Saddlers Primary School

Saddlers Village 465-7341

Head Teacher/Principals

Mrs. Marva Bradshaw

Sandy Point Primary School   

Sandy Point Primary School, The Alley, Sandy Point

Phone: (869) 464-6320 ● Email:



Motto:“Building Young Minds For Tomorrow”

Mission Statement

To ensure a safe orderly disciplined teaching learning environment which is conducive to the growth and development of students academically, spiritually, socially emotionally and physically and to equip them with the necessary education and to help them to meet and surmount the demands, challenges and the responsibilities of a changing world.

School’s History

On 18th September, 1983 the eve of our Nation Independence, hundreds of people from all parts of the island, witnessed the official opening of the Sandy Point Primary School. With much pride, our citizens; Sandy Pointers in particular and those affiliated with the school felt honored to have Her Majesty Princess Margaret cut the ribbon and declared the school opened. The Sandy Point Primary School evolved from the merging of the then Sandy Point Infants (Kindergarten to Grade 2) and the Sandy Point Junior (Grade 3 to Grade 6) Schools under the leadership of the first Head Teacher Ms. Rosabelle Warner. 

Head Teachers/Principals

St. Pauls Primary School
St. Paul's Village 465-6344



Head Teacher/Principals

Ms. Phyllis Carty
Mr. John Gumbs

Tucker-Clarke Primary School
Ponds Pasture, Newtown 465-2294

Head Teacher/Principals

Mrs. Tucker  1950-
Mrs. Dorothy Clarke
Mrs. Theresa Richardson
Mr. Vernon Benjamin
Mr. Elvis Newton
Mrs. Elizabeth Condell

Mr. Sylvester Charles

Tyrell-Williams Primary School

Old Road, St. Kitts ● Phone: (869) 466-2329 ● Fax: (869) 466-2957



Motto: “Striving for Academic and Moral Excellence”


Mission Statement


The Tyrell Williams Primary School is committed in partnership with the community to provide a superlative quality of education which will enable each student to develop his/her fullest potential in order to be an educated, confident, self directed, positive member of an ever changing society.


School’s History

Formerly, Verchild's Primary; relocated and renamed Tyrell-Williams Primary School in 1999. The name was chosen to honoured Mrs. Eunice Williams and Ms. Edna Tyrell, two former Head Teachers of the community. They both impacted education immensely for residents of this historical community.
There are fourteen (14) classrooms, a Library, a Science Lab, Computer Lab, a Reading Centre, a Lunchroom, a Staffroom and the Principal’s Office.  


Head Teachers/Principals

Mrs. Marilyn Maynard
Mr. Terrence Edwards




Violet Petty Primary School
Lodge Village, St. Kitts  Phone: (869) 466 9024 ● Email:  
Motto:“Together We Aspire to Achieve Excellence



Mission Statement


We the Staff of the Violet Petty Primary School take the responsibility of creating a communication network amongst parents, teachers and the community in order to enhance learning styles.


We also endeavour to instill positive attitudes, morals and valves in the children so that they may feel comfortable and acceptable regardless of their individual differences, social or economic background.


In order to develop each child morally spiritually, emotionally and mentally we believe that each child should:


● Recognise himself/herself as an individual and aspire to achieve excellence at all time.

● Be given the opportunity to work in an educational atmosphere that is comfortable and conducive to learning, so that he/she mount obstacles embarking to the secondary level with competent skills, which can succeed academically.

● Have a solid foundation, which will enable him/her to surmount obstacles embarking to the secondary level with competent skills, which will ultimately prepare them for the work force.

School History
Education is the salvation of our nation and the Lodge Infant School was the salvation for the children of the Lodge community. Established in April 1969, under the leadership of the deceased head teacher, Mrs. Mary Charles George of Molineux, It served to affect change by imparting knowledge and skills to the Lodge community. The school was an affiliate of the Molineux All Age School with the Lodge Infant School educating students from kindergarten to grade three. The school was in charge of daily school activities but was subjected to the Molineux All Age School for its external affairs.
The first teacher in charge was Ms. Violet Petty. She taught with her staff at the 4-H building where the Miracle Temple Church stands today. Eventually the school was moved to its present location on.
It was in 2001 that the school took on it present shape and name. The newly constructed school was named after its first teacher in charge. The Violet Petty Primary School threw open its door in April of 2001 and was a fully functioning primary school in September of that same year. Mrs. Joycelyn Archibald Pennyfeather was its first head teacher with Ms. Lavern Brown as deputy. In 2005 a new head teacher arrived, in the person of Mrs. Joycelyn Archibald Pennyfeather, who is presently in charge.
Head Teachers/Principals
Ms. Violet Petty
Ms. Cynthia Edwards
Ms. Susana Lee
Mr. Leroy Pemberton
Mr. Nathan Esdaile
Mr. Vernon Benjamin
Mrs. Doreen Davis
Mrs. Joycelyn Archibald Pennyfeather
Mrs. Evette Bloice

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