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  The St. Kitts and Nevis Amateur Athletic Association was established in 1977 after separating from the St. Kitts Amateur Athletic and Cycling Association that year. It was headed by Dennis (Freddie) Knight who was joined by Seymour Davis, Gene Knight and a number of other enthusiastic individuals to promote the sport of athletics in the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis.
  First Carifta Team 1977 
David Franks - 400M (Men)
Monty Williams
100M (Men)
Raphel Jenkins - 200M (Men)
Denzil DeCosta - Pole Vault (Men)
Barbara Caines - 100M (Women)

They however continued to work with their former
partners, the St. Kitts Amateur Cycling Association 
and both associations held joint sporting competitions in Warner Park up to 1980.
 The Association was formerly constituted in 1978 when the General Assembly agreed to work with the Cycling Association to form the St. Kitts Commonwealth Games Association. This was done in an effort for a team of athletes, cyclists and officials to travel to Edmonton, Canada to participate in the 10th Commonwealth Games.

 The Association became a member of the International Amateur Athletic Federation that
year and this membership gave it the opportunity to
compete on the world stage.
 The Commonwealth Games was the first international competition in which we participated and two athletes namely Glynn Osborne and Ezzard Wilson represented the Federation at this prestigious event.
 Joined the IOC in 1993. Competed in the Olympics for the first time in Atlanta, where it sent 10 athletes and did not win a medal. Did not win a medal in Sydney or Athens, but sprinter Kim Collins reached the 100m final at both Games, placing seventh in 2000 and sixth in 2004. 

First Olympic Team Atlanta 1996


From Left:- Ricardo Liddie (4x100m); Kim Collins (100m; 4x100m); Kurvin Wallace
(200m; 4x100mand Eric Haynes (4x100m).


From Left Top:- Diane Dunrod-Francis (400m; 4x400); 4x100m(Sub)); Tamara Wigley
(4x400m; 4x100m); Valma Bass (4x100m; 4x400m); From Left Bottom:- 
Ayne Allen
(4x400m); Elrecia Francis (4x100m; 4x400(Sub);
Bernice Morton (4x100m; 4x400m(Sub). 

St. Kitts/Nevis Carifta Games Metals Winners                    





1977       (Barbados)                  David  Frank                    50.6               BRONZE                       400M

1989      (Barbados)            Austin Dickenson               13.99              SILVER                    Triple Jump

1993      (Martinique)            Bruce Nolan                51.00                BRONZE                       400M

2000        (Grenada)                 Melville Rogers                  49.40               GOLD                          400M

2005         (Tobago)                 Withley Williams                 11.06             BRONZE                        100M

2006    (Guadeloupe)              Kadeem Smith              48.90                BRONZE                      400M

2007   (Turks and Caicos)    Kadeem Smith             48.00             SILVER                 400M

2007   (Turks and Caicos)    Kadeem Smith          2:00.14           BRONZE                  800M




1993        (Martinique)             Roatter Johnson            1.54             BRONZE              High Jump 

1999        (Martinique)             Tiandra Ponteen           24.26            BRONZE                  200M

1999        (Martinique)             Tiandra Ponteen           54.89             BRONZE                  400M

2008       (St. Kitts)                   3:49.13      SILVER      
               4x400 Meter Relay             

          (Tresfassana White; Vanessa Bennet; Siana Leader; Kaydeen Liburd)             

2008       (St. Kitts)                   46.95         SILVER   
4x100 Meter Relay

         (Arian Maynard; Vanessa Bennet; Tresfassana White; Siana Leader)




1986     (Guadeloupe)       Alex Hendrickson                7.28                 GOLD               Long Jump

1986     (Guadeloupe)          4 x 100 Metres Relay       42.39                 SILVER

1987        (Trinidad)               Eric Haynes                    10.60                  GOLD                 100M

1987        (Trinidad)             4 x 100 Metres Relay        41.44                BRONZE

1988        (Jamaica)                Winston Eddy                21.70                BRONZE               200M

1993       (Martinique)              Benton Brudy            1:53.11                BRONZE               800M

1995     (Cayman Islands)        Kim Collins                  10.75                 BRONZE              100M

2002         (Bahamas)             Melville Rogers              47.24                 SILVER                400M

2006      (Guadeloupe)          Withley Williams              21.37                 SILVER                200M

2007    (Turks and Caicos)    4x100 Metres Relay        40.71              BRONZE  


                               CARIFTA GAMES (UNDER 20 WOMEN)


 1986           (Guadeloupe)           Diane Dunrod                
BRONZE                400M

1986           (Guadeloupe)        4 x  400 Metres Relay      3:54.82          BRONZE

1987           (Trinidad)                 Diane Dunrod                   54.04            SILVER             400M

1989           (Barbados)               Serene Carey                  2:15.9            BRONZE            800M

1995       (Cayman Islands)        Roatter Johnson               5.37             BRONZE             Long Jump

2001            (Barbados)             Tiandra Ponteen          23.75              BRONZE                 200M

2001            (Barbados)           Tiandra Ponteen          54.11               SILVER                  400M

2003             (Trinidad)            Tiandra Ponteen            
GOLD                   200M

2003             (Trinidad)            Tiandra Ponteen           
SILVER                 400M

2007    (Turks and Caicos)     Tameka Williams           
              SILVER             Long Jump
2008             (St. Kitts)        
Williams        11.41          
SILVER              100M
2008              (St,Kitts)        
eritzer Williams       23.11 
           SILVER              200M

                        Kim Collins

Born: April 05, 1976
Country: St.Kitts & Nevis
Height: 5'10'' /180 cm
Weight: 146 lbs /77 kg
School: Texas Christian University (Fort Worth, Texas, United States)
Events: 60m, 100m, 200m, 4x100m

  At the Sydney Games in 2000, Collins became the first ever Olympic finalist from his country and after winning gold at the 2003 World Championship in Paris, he reached the Olympic final again in Athens in 2004 and placed sixth. 
  Kim has appeared in every Olympic finals since 2000 and has made it to at least the Quarter –finals at every Olympic games he has ever participated. Kim has also medalled in every World Champiosnhip since 2001 and is regarded as one of the most successful sprinters in history  from the Caribbean.


General Interests


Club name: Texas Christian University: Texas, United States
Coach: Monte Stratton ( 22/11/01)
Additional information: When and where did you begin this sport?
"I got serious about track in high school, but I had never thought I would get this far. It's a big surprise to me."

Awards and honours
He was awarded with a diplomatic passport by the government of St Kitts and Nevis in recognition of his rise to international fame in 2002. (IAAF 06/01/02)

At the 2001 World Championships he became the first-ever world medallist from the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States. Sharing the bronze medal with Shawn Crawford of the USA, he clocked an OECS record 20.20s. ( 22/11/01)

Was only one of two athletes from St Kitts to compete at the 2000 Olympic Games. ( 22/11/01)

2001 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Collins ran from lane one and at the tape a line of six men dipped together behind the clear winner Konstadinos Kederis from Greece.
After some agonising moments as multiple replays from multiple angles on the stadium video scoreboard didn't help the fans or athletes much, Jamaican Chris Williams was declared the silver medallist with Shawn Crawford from the USA third. Collins was credited with fourth, and all three athletes were given 20.20s. But about five minutes later the results were amended to give Collins a share of the bronze medal.
(Track and Field News October 2001 22/11/01)

He claims he is one of the most natural sprinters in the world. "I'm not one of those hard-working sprinters. I'm an easy going guy. When I don't feel like going to training, my coach is going to get a phone call, and he appreciates that. I don't believe in lifting weights or pumping iron. There are a lot of things I don't believe in. So it's great he accepts that and lets me do the work I want." (IAAF 26/08/03)

Off the track, he definitely prefers a slower pace, and he misses everything about his homeland. "It's a place where you don't have to have a car to have fun. You can walk everywhere, and you can always walk to the beach. When
I am home, I can play my music really loud. It's kicked back to the extreme!" ( 22/11/01)

He spends three months of the year in St Kitts, a place that doesn't have an athletics track. (IAAF 26/08/03) "Hopefully, if I continue to be successful and earn good money I can one day build a proper athletics track for St Kitts and Nevis. Hopefully they might think to name it after me, that's all I ask." ( 08/07/04)
St. Kitts have an Athletics track which was offically open on 03/21/2008, with the main stand in the Stadium carrying Kim Collin's name. 

"When I retire my twin aims are to own a nightclub where I can be the resident DJ and then also run a really nice restaurant on the island. That would keep me happy for the rest of my days.'' ( 08/07/04)

He was reprieved without sanction when he failed a doping test in 2002. His positive result was caused by taking asthma medication. (IAAF 26/08/03)


The following results are included in the Competition Highlights field. There can be small discrepancies due to the lack of sources for certain results. Note that the results are sorted on rank within a competition.

Results in Last Olympic Cycle:
- All Placings at 2004 Olympic Games and 2007 World Championships
- Top 8 at 2005 World Championships
- Top 8 at Continental Championships, World Indoor Championships, World
Athletics Final, Golden League competitions and Super Grand Prix competitions
- Top 3 at Grand Prix competitions and World Junior Championships

Historical Results (before OG 2004):
- Top 8 at 2000 Olympic Games
- Top 3 at other Olympic Games
- Top 3 at World Championships

Education: Psychology - Texas Christian University: Texas, United States
Injuries: He sustained a leg injury in the 2003 Zurich Golden League meet, just a few weeks prior to his World Championship win. "I limped away from the track in Switzerland. I had an MRI scan on my right knee, in Amsterdam, to see what was going on. There was some cartilage damage, but had regular treatment from the Jamaican federation - thanks to them." (IAAF 26/08/03)


Historical Results

Note: A complete explanation of data type and depth can be found in the Additional Information section of the biography

Rank Event  Year      Venue                      Result  
Olympic Games
6 100m 2004 Athens, GRE                 10.00  
7 100m 2000 Sydney, AUS                 10.17      
Semifinal   100m        2008    Beijing, China  10.05    
Final           200m       2008    Beijing, China                         

World Championships
1 100m 2003 Paris Saint-Denis, FRA         10.07  
3 100m 2005 Helsinki, FIN                      10.05  
3 200m 2001 Edmonton, CAN                  20.20  
Semifinal 100m 2007 Osaka, JPN                          10.21       
Golden League
2 100m 2008 Berlin, GER                         10.12  
3 100m 2004 Rome, ITA                           10.21  
4 100m 2004 Brussels, BEL                     10.09  
5 100m 2005 Brussels, BEL                     10.16  
7 100m 2005 Zurich, SUI                         10.32  
8 100m 2005 Rome, ITA                          10.27       
Super Grand Prix
1 100m 2005 Sheffield, GBR              10.01               
3 100m 2005 London, GBR                      10.00       
6 100m 2005 Madrid, ESP                        10.39  
Grand Prix
3 100m 2005 Zagreb, CRO                       10.33  
World Athletics Final
5 100m 2004 Monaco, MON                    10.26     
World Indoor Championships
2 60m 2008 Valencia, ESP                       6.54  

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