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  National Honours Awardees

National Honours Awardees

National Honours for 1999

Star of Merit:
May Stevens – (Nursing)
Williams Kelsick OBE – (Business)
Medal of Honour:
Laura Manners – (Work in Sugar Industry)
Cecil Edwards, B.E.M. – (Civil Service)
Edgar Challenger – (Historian/Trade Unionist)
Rita Cable – (Educator)

National Honours for 2000

Metal of Honour:
Bernice Sebastian – (Education)
Jeannette Grell-Hull – (Sports in Netball)
Elson (Ellie Matt) Nero – (Contribution in the field of Music and the art of Calypso)

National Honours for 2001

Star of Merit:
Mr. Basil Michael L. King (O.B.E) - (Commerce and Industry)
Medal of Honour:
Mrs. Eileen Hazel-Woods - (Home Economics and Education)
Mr Stanley R. Franks Jr (J.P) - (Contribution to Culture)
Mr. Basil E. Henderson (B.E.M) - (Community Development)

National Honours for 2002

Star of Merit:
Mr. Frederick Lawrence Lam OBE - (Development in Tourism Industry)
Medal of Honour:
Mr. Kim Anderson Collins - (Athletic)
Ms. Sophina Barrett - (Nursing and Community Work)
Mr. John Ashton Rawlins - (Public Health and Music)

National Honours for 2003

Star of Merit:
Kim Anderson Collins – (Sports in Athletic)
Medal of Honour:
Jacqueline Armony – (Teaching and Conservation)
Helen Brookes-Bradley – (Community Service/Teaching)
Elquemedo Willett – (Sport in Cricket)
Lloyd Procope – (Service involved with ex-service persons)
Joycelyn Liburd – (Education as a Teacher)
Earl Clarke – (Community Service)

National Honours for 2004

National Hero:
Hon. C.A. Paul Southwell
Sir Joseph N. France
Star of Merit:
Mr. William Ferdinand Dore (Education)
Mr. John Mallalieu (Business)
Medal of Honour:
Ms. Aurora Turner - (Nursing)
Ms. Delores Gumbs - (Nursing)
Mr. Noel Thomas - ( )
Mrs. Jillian Musgrave- Archibald - (Netball)
Bishop Anthony Manning - (Community Service)
Mr. Terrance Hunkins - (Boxing)
Mr. Claudius Delaney - (Industrial Sector)
Mr. Alva Pemberton - (Community Service)

National Honours for 2005

Star of Merit:
Dr. Vincent P. Audain - (Medicine)
Mr. Colin D. Mallalieu - (Industry and Community Service)
Medal of Honour:
Franklyn A. Browne - (Education)
Clement E. Gilbert Sr. - (Industry and Community Service)
Celia Christopher - (Industry and Community Service)
Winifred H. McMahon - (Health Care and Community Service)
Mildred T. Collins - (Nursing)
Spencer L. Duggins - (Industry and Culture)
Hyleta M. Liburd - (Education and Community Service)
Katherine Taylor - (Community Service)
Vincent Williams - (Public Health and Community Service)
Wingrove Williams - (Music and Culture)

National Honours for 2006

Medal of Honour:
Ms. Lornette Esdaille Manners (Nevis) - (Public & Community Services)
Ms. Vivian Elaine Stevens (St. Kitts) - (Nurse)
Ms. Pamela Anne Tyson (St. Kitts) - (Community Service & Sports)
Ms. Clara Lorna Walters (Nevis) - (Public & Community Services)
Ms. Dorita Maise Halliday (St. Kitts) - (Education)

National Honours for 2008

Star of Merit:
William Glasford (posthumously) - (Politics)
Cassandra Parris-Roberts - (Nursing)
Dr. Eustace Esdaille - (Education)
Dr. Samuel Rawlins - (For research work on Climate Change)
Medal of Honour:
Roy Maynard - (Community Service)
Roland Benjamin - (Community Service)
Keith Gumbs - (Sports)
Uriel Hensley - (Community Service)
Bernadette Dolphin - (Community Service)
Carol Evelyn - (Manufacturing and Community Service)
Dorothy Martin - (Education)
Ermine Queeley - (Politics)
Alexis Knight - (Music)
Sydney Bridgewater - (Trade Unionism
Karleen Jeffers - (Community Service)
George Henry - (Community Service)
Mary Louard Adams - (Community Service)
Irvin Morris - (Community Service)
Florence Baker - (Community Service)

National Honours for 2009

Star of Merit:
Edmund Wickham Lawrence - (Banking & Finance)
Medal of Honour:
Willa Margaret Rose Franks-Liburd - (Service to the Nation in the Diaspora)
Tamboura Kitwana - (Culture)
Konris Maynard - (Calypso and Entertainment)

National Honours Awardees for 2013

National Hero:
The Right Excellent Sir Simeon Daniel
Medal of Honour:
Mrs. Brenda D. Boddie-John – Industry and Commerce
Mr. Kenneth Martin – Agriculture and Community Service
Mrs. Hilda B. Byron – Small Business Enterprise and Community Service
Miss Gloria L. Mills - Education
Mr. Robert W. Jeffers – Law Enforcement

National Honours Awardees for 2014

Star of Merit:
Mrs. Leonie James - (Pre-School Education and Community Service)
Dr. Milton Whittaker, PhD. - (Science and Education)
Mr. Clement D. O. Williams - (Science, Education and Culture)
Medal of Honour:
Mrs. Venetta Pearline Henry - (Nursing and Community Service)
Mr. Dawud St. Lloyd Byron - (Journalism and Music)

National Honours Awardees for 2015

National Hero:
The Right Excellent Sir Kennedy Alphonse Simmonds
Star of Merit:
Mr. Washington Archibald – (Education)
Mr. Richard Caines – (Business)
Mrs. Marjorie Morton – (Public Service)
Metal of Honor:
Mr. Theodore Hobson – (Service in Law)
Mr. Maurice Widdowson – (Heritage and Conservation)
Mrs. Sylvia Garnette – (Nursing and Healthcare)
Mr. James Hanley – (Sports and Community Service)
Mr. Winston Skeete – (Sea Transportation)
Mr. Ivan Hanley – (Law Enforcement)

National Honours Awardees for 2016

Star of Merit:
Mrs. Hulda Lawrence - Music
Metal of Honor:
Ms. Clarice Cotton - Special Education
Mrs. Vanta Walters - Early Childhood Education
Mrs. Daliah John - Technical Vocational Education (Hospitality)
Ms. Sylvia Isaac - Healthcare (Nursing)

National Honours Awardees for 2017

Star of Merit:
Mr. Jacques Cramer – Commerce and Public Service
Mr. Melvin Edwards – Culture and Local, Regional and International Credit Union Development 
Mr. Arthur Evelyn – Public Service and Community Action
Mr. Calvin Farrier Jp – Education and Public Service 
Mrs. Agnes Morton – Education and Involuntary Services
Metal of Honor:
Mrs. Olvis Dyer – Education and Community Service 
Mr. Elmo Liburd – Public Service and Education
Mr. Samuel Powell – Agriculture and Music

National Honours Awardees for 2020

Companion of Star of Merit:
Dr. Burnell Nisbett - Medicine 
Mrs. Viola Jacobs – Education  
Archdeacon J. Rudolph Smithen - Religious Service
Ms. Shirley Browne  – Education  
Dr. Hazel Laws – National Service in a crisis
Dr. Cameron Wilkinson  – National Service in a crisis
Mr. Abdias Samuel  – National Service in a crisis
Metal of Honor:
Ms. Mary Nurse – Community Service 
Ms. Pearline Mussenden - Education
Mr. Joseph Benders - Arts
Dr. A. Linton Liburd - Medicine
Ms. Pamela Brookes - Nursing
Mr. Charles McMaster - Community Service
Mr. Brian Dyer - National Service in a crisis
Dr. Judy Nisbett - National Service in a crisis                                                                               
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