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  Did You Know ?

    Did You Know ?

Ø     The Government of St. Kitts/Nevis and Nova Scotia Canada signed Tele-health agreement on Monday 20th October, 1997.

Ø      Easter Monday 1950 stamped at Brimstone Hill.

Ø     Queen Mary2 docked at Port Zante on Thursday 13th December, 2004 for the first time (1132ft long ship).

Ø     American Airline (AA) landed in St. Kitts on November 3rd, 2004.  

Ø     Edmond Ross built the St. Kitts Breweries in 1960.

Ø     The Courthouse was burned down on 1st   September, 1981.

Ø     Clara Walters was the first female Customs Officer in Nevis.

Ø     Marcus Garvey landed in St. Kitts on Tuesday 2nd November, 1937 on board S/S “Lady Nelson” and made speech at MIS Hall in Market Street.

Ø     The Cable was established in 1983.

Ø     Cingular Wireless started operation in St. Kitts on 22nd April, 2005.

Ø     Dr. Sun Tan Chen Foreign Affairs Minister of the Republic of China on Taiwan (ROC) visited St. Kitts.

Ø     The Cable received a license to provide a fixed public and telecommunications network and service.

Ø     Premier Robert L. Bradshaw died on 23rd May, 1978.

Ø     Pall Mall Square was renamed Independence Square when St. Kitts/Nevis gained political Independence from Britain on September 19th, September, 1983.

Ø     Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park was designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO in October, 2000.

Ø     Warner Park was officially open in 1928.

Ø     Government acquired first Primary School Building (Sandy Point Boys School) in 1929.

Ø     Post Office was established in 1860.

Ø     Charlestown Court House was destroyed by fire in 1873.

Ø     Flood in Basseterre on 11 & 12 January, 1880.

Ø     Telephone system installed in Basseterre in 1890.

Ø     Royal Bank of Canada commenced operation in 1915.

Ø     The Pacific Cable Board Wireless and Cable Office open in Basseterre in 1925.

Ø     Pall Mall Square (Independence Square) was the of a slave market.

Ø     Dieppe BayTown was the Protestant French commercial capital in the late 16th century.

Ø     March 21st, 1894 Lady Haynes-Smith laid corner stone to the Treasury (National Museum).

Ø     Mount Misery was renamed Mount Liamuiga when St. Kitts/Nevis gained political Independence from Britain on September 19th, 1983.

Ø     Central Sugar Factory   was erected in Kittstoddarts in 1912.

Ø  Pogson Hospital Sandy Point) opened in 1867 named in honour of Mr. Edward Pogson then owner of Bourkes Estate.        

     Ø     St. Johnson Village School was renamed the Dr. William Connor Primary School in May, 1988.

Ø     West Indies Court of appeal started in 1919.

Ø     St. Kitts-Nevis Grammar School opens in 1860 with Rev. Henry Read. M.A 1st Headmaster.

Ø     Income Tax introduced in 1922.

Ø     Public Health Department established in 1918.

Ø The first Cricket Test Match at Warner Park was played between the West Indies and India from 22nd- 26th June, 2006. Indian pace bowler Munaf Patel sent down the historic first ball to West Indies opener Chris Gayle.

The first One-Day International was held on May 23, 2006 at Warner Park. West Indies beat India by four wickets.  

SWMC        Solid Waste Management Corporation
Caribbean Proficiency Examinations 
GHQ          Government Headquarters

PHD           Public Health Department

GPO           General Post Office

NEMA        National Emergency Management Agency

FND           Foundation for National Development

HMP          Her Majesty Prison

PHQ           Police Headquarters

PAM           People Action Movement

CCM          Concerned Citizens Movements

NRP           Nevis Reformation Party

TDC           St. Kitts - Nevis Trading & Development Company

FINCO       St Kitts – Nevis Financial Company

SNIC          St. Kitts – Nevis Insurance Company

BHS            Basseterre High School

WAHS        Washington Archibald High School

CSS            Charlestown Secondary School

CFB           Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College

UNEP         United National Empowerment Party



Regional and International Organization

HIV            Human Immune Virus

AIDS          Acquired Immune Deficiency  Syndrome

GCE           General Certificate of Education

CXC           Caribbean Examination Council

Caricom     Caribbean Common Market

Carifta       Caribbean Free Trade Area

CARDI       Caribbean Agricultural Research & Development Institute

UNICEF     United Nations International Children Emergency Fund

UNESCO   United Nations Educational Science Cultural Organization

IMF            International Monitory Fund

WHO         World Health Organization

OAS           Organization of American States

EU              European Union

ACP           African Caribbean and Pacific            

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