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  Secondary Schools
Basseterre Senior High School

Victoria Road: Phone: (869) 465-2004
Park Range: Phone: (869) 465-2096
Principle Office: Phone: (869) 465-2332

Motto: Principia Non Homines – “Principles Not Men”

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to foster the total development of students and prepare them for higher education and the world of work; to this end we ate committed to working closely with parents and the wider community to create a nurturing  environment where students are motivated to pursue excellence and develop their intellectual, social, moral and creative potential."

School's History

Basseterre Senior High was first the St. Kitts-Nevis Grammer
School and Girls High School, then the two school merged in September 1967.
Head Master of the Grammer School was Mr. Victor N Jones (Acting Head Master)
Head Mistress of the Girls School was
Mrs. E Thompson. (Acting Head Mistress)


Mr. Victor Jones (1967-1968)
Mr. Eustace Esdaille (1968-1975)
Mr. Rupert Herbert  (1975-1979)
Mr. Sydney Osborne  (1979- 1981)
Mr. Raphael Archibald (1981- 1988)
Mrs. Rita Cable (1988-2005)
Mr. Waylon Vaughan (2005
Ms. Earleen Bloice Roberts 
Mrs. Carlene Morton
Mr. Ron Collins
Mrs. Maurice Benjamin 

 Deputy Headteachers/Principle

Mrs. Eileen Thompson (1967-1972)
Mrs. Viola Jacobs (1972-1983)
Mrs. Patricia Hobson (1983-1985)
Mrs. Rita Cable (1985- 1988
Mrs. Marilyn Rogers (1988-1992)
Mr. Osborne De Suza (1992-1995)
Ms. Earleen Bloice Roberts (2005)
Mrs. Carlene Morton


Cayon High School
Main Road Cayon ♦ Tel: (869) 465-7204/7654

Mission Statement
"To ensure that each and every student of the Cayon High School receives quality education and in so doing instill discipline, self-respect, respect for other, honesty, good behavior, a sense of National and civic pride and a willingness to work"

School's History

Open in 1971.

Prinicples/Head teachers
Mr. Constantine Richardson    1971-1972 
Mr. Bertram Haynes                 1972-1974
Mr. Sydney Osborne                1974-1978
Ms. Ivy Thompson                   1978-1980
Mr. Raphael Archibald            1980-1981
Mr. Bertram Ross                    1981-1985
Mr. Thomas Williams              1985-1988
Mr. Siefroy Phillip                   1988-1992
Ms. Rosemary Joseph              1992-1997
Mr. Victor Warner                   1997-2003
Mr. Addison James                  2003-2014
Mr. Francil Morris

Saddlers Secondary School
Saddlers Village 466-5804

(Photos compliments of Cecil Browne)
Shool's History
The new Saddlers Secondary School is designed "to allow children to take their rightful place in the community of the world."
Whereas the structure and design concept of the school are new and innovative, and the teaching tools include recent technology, parts of the teaching curriculum are pioneering as well. Education Permanent Secretary, Osmond Petty said that a recent World Bank survey among employers revealed that while academic and technical skills are necessary, value-based skills were also critical for employment. He said employers identified attributes such as honesty, integrity, work ethics, cooperativeness and team-spirit as essential.
Mr. Knight further noted that while the subject offerings will be comparable to all other government high schools in the Federation, the delivery will be different. He said that as outlined in the Education White Paper, from First to Third Form, the Caribbean Certificate of Secondary Level Competency (CCSLC) will be used as a curriculum guide. He elaborated that at present, in other schools, CCSLC is used chiefly in preparation for school leaving exams. First Form only, will be attending, but an additional form would be added each successive school year. This year it will house, at the most 72 students, who will be divided into four classes of 18.
To assist students in the optimal use of the computer, the school already houses the appropriate infrastructure. A wireless internet network is accessible anywhere on the premises.
The Ministry's Education Planner, Quinton Morton said the infrastructure can be described as technology-rich for it can operate most of the recent technology devices. He said that while most high schools have two computer labs, Saddlers Secondary has one, but it offers much more than the others. The Education Planner also said that the school boasted a computer cart that could take laptop computers to the children anywhere on the premises. He illustrated that should there be need for research following a particular subject, the student would not have to physically get up and go to a lab, but instead the internet could be accessed on a laptop, in the same classroom.
Mr. Morton described what
is termed "white technology" which includes the use of smart boards. He explained that while most local high schools have smart boards, which are virtually computer monitors projected onto the class' white board, those at Saddlers will be more up-to-date. They will include computerized slates that allow teachers to operate the smart boards from anywhere in the classroom.
The St. Kitts and Nevis Poverty Assessment Report of March 2001 determined that there was inequitable access to education for youth in the villages from Mansions to DieppeBay. As such, the inclusion of Saddlers Secondary in the OECS Education Development Project was a means of beginning the process to alleviate such. Construction began in 2006, the school was officially open on Monday 7th September, 2009.

Mr. Stanley Knight
Ms. Adina Richards
Mrs. Ivy Flanders

Charles E. Mills Secondary School (formally Sandy Point High School)
Mount Idle ♦ (869) 465-6295


(Photos from CUOPM)
School's History

The Sandy Point High School started in 1966 with Principal Rev. Joseph Manchester as it first Principal. Rename Charles E. Mills Secondary School on Thursday 30th September, 2010. 

Head Teacher/Principals
Rev. Joseph Manchester  (1966)
Dr. Joseph Halliday (1966-1977)
Ms. Buchannan (1977-1991)
Mr. James Williams (1991)
Mr. Vincent Hodge (1991-200)
Ms. Cordella Henry (2000-2002)

Ms. Lorozine Williams (2002-2012)
Ms. Carla Diamond (2012-2015)
Mr. Boris Conner (2015-Present)

Verchilds High School
♦ Phone: (869) 465-6283/466-5573
Motto: “Excellence Through Discipline”

School History

The Verchilds High School was established in 1992 and is located at the foothills of the beautiful Verchilds Mountain overlooking the Caribbean Sea.  The school community in comparison to other high schools in St. Kitts is small.

Head Teacher/Principals

Mrs. Marilyn Rogers
Mr. Elvis Richardson
Mr. Addison Warner
Ms. Mary Clarke
Mr. Roger Woodley

Washington Archibald High School
Taylor ♦ (869) 465-2834/466-3867/3868
Email: ♦

Motto: Excelling Today For A Brighter Tomorrow

School's History
The Washington Archibald High School was
founded in 1999, transforming from the Basseterre Junior High School into a full fledged High School.

Prinicples/Head Teachers
Mr. Freddie Knight
Ms. Marjorie George
Mrs. Viola Jacob
Mrs. Williams
Mr. Clifford Govia
Mrs. Clarisse Dolphin-Gumbs


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